AN online survey by the Rangers Supporters Trust has revealed that 77% of their members will NOT be renewing their season tickets.

The trust has been polling its members for several days in a bid to gauge support for the controversial scheme set up by the Union of Fans.

The union is asking supporters to pledge their season ticket money to a company set up by Dave King, Rangers 1972 Ltd.

They want the Glasgow club to grant them security over Ibrox Stadium and the Murray Park training ground in return for the cash.

The trust survey shows that the vast majority of its members will not be buying season tickets for the 2014/15 campaign.

It is in stark contrast to last season when no fewer than 83% of their members renewed their season books.

A statement read: "This equates to a 60% reduction which, if extrapolated across all supporters, would equate to a drop of sales from 33,000 last year to 13,200 this year."

The online survey also asked Rangers Supporters Trust members if they would renew if Union of Fans conditions were met.

And a total of 64% of people to take part in the survey said they would renew if security was granted over Ibrox and Murray Park.

The statement continued: "Based on last year's sales would equate to 13,500 season tickets being sold - which would double the estimated overall sales if no security was granted."