I WAS pleased to see senior officials at Rangers and representatives of the Union of Fans had got together for talks.

Hopefully common sense is prevailing at long last. There may be a wee ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

Season ticket sales have clearly been slow and the board has had to act and speak to this sizeable section of the support.

It seems to me that everyone involved, both the fans and those running the club, want the same thing.

They would like to see the club back where it belongs … at the forefront of the Scottish game.

There has been a serious split in the Rangers family - but hopefully this dialogue will go a long way towards healing that.

Dave King has been heavily involved in the scheme to withhold season ticket money from the club in return for security being granted over Ibrox and Murray Park.

He set up Ibrox 1972 Ltd, the company that fans were to pledge their money to, and was a director of it along with nine-in-a-row captain Richard Gough.

I am sure he will view the board moving towards giving a legal undertaking over both the stadium and the training ground as a victory.

But I would like to hear now what Dave's intentions are.

So far there has been a lot of talk about him doing this or that. But it has just been talk.

I would like to know exactly where he fits in to the equation and what his plans are.

In short, it is time for him to put up or shut up. Is he going to get involved and help the club or not?

Rangers need cash. Everyone accepts that. Dave has the means to make a real difference to the club he supported as a boy growing up in Glasgow.

What's more, the South Africa-based businessman has said he is prepared to invest tens of millions.

To my knowledge, he is the only man who has said that.

But how is he going to do it? I would like him to explain what he would like to do.

I accept that the relationship between the current directors and Dave King is not great.

One slaughters the other in a statement and then one comes out and retaliates in kind.

I think that situation has to be sorted before he can get involved.

I would love to see him come on board. He could easily have walked away and not bothered his shirt taking an interest in the club when he lost the £20million he invested before.

But he has retained his interest in the Ibrox club and in helping recapture former glories.

I am not sitting on the fence by any means. But I can definitely see both sides of the argument over season tickets.

I did not want to see Ibrox or Murray Park being sold.

But, at the same time, only selling 5,000 season tickets - and that is the number many people said had gone - would leave the club facing massive problems.

In fact, it would probably not be enough money to pay back the £1.5m loans agreed with Sandy Easdale and George Letham. The club would be in a heck of a state.

But if everybody came together then Rangers could move forward.

The fans have been brilliant in the last two years. At times, it has been hard to watch what they have been watching.

So to get 35,000 people buying season tickets has been magnificent. The club desperately needs to get to a situation where it can have that again.

The season approaching is so important for Rangers.

It was difficult starting again at the bottom. The club went through a lot of pain struggling against teams like Elgin, Peterhead and Stirling Albion.

But the 2014/15 campaign will be cracking. There will be some big clubs and some hard games. It is going to be tight and there are no guarantees of winning the title.

Ally McCoist has a decent squad just now, but he needs to get fresh faces in.

Across the city, Celtic have won the Premiership title for the third season running and have a strong pool of players. But Neil Lennon is still trying to bring more in.

Ally will release six or seven players and should have a budget similar to this season.

But at this moment in time there is no money coming in.

I would dearly love to see that situation sorted out so Rangers can make one final push for the top flight.

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