I WATCHED the Rangers Under-20 side play Hearts in the Scottish FA Youth Cup final on Tuesday night - and was delighted to see them win a thrilling match on kicks from the penalty spot.

Gordon Durie's kids were so unlucky to lose out on the league title to Celtic by just a point last week.

And then they came up against a Hearts side whose players had 160-odd appearances for the first team between them.

Callum Paterson was a mainstay for Gary Locke's young side as they eventually plunged out of the Premiership, hardly missing a match.

The Jambos all had great experience playing in a division two leagues above the Gers boys, while I think the Light Blues babes had just six first-team appearances between them.

Hearts took about 1,000 fans through to Paisley because they clearly thought they were going to lift the trophy.

So, credit to Rangers for prevailing in what was a classic cup-tie.

There were four goals, extra time was played and it went down to a penalty shoot-out.

And who would have bet that goalkeeper Liam Kelly would have scored a penalty and then saved one from his opposite number?

Rangers may have to depend on some of these lads in the next couple of seasons and, on the evidence of what I saw this week, they will be able to do so.

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