I didn't get the chance to see too much of the Scotland under-17s in action during the European Championships over the last few days but from the reports it was a really good tournament for us.

The boys did exceptionally well to get to the semi-finals and while they will be disappointed not to have reached the final, they can take a lot of pride from their performances. It would have been good to test ourselves against England, who beat the Netherlands in the final, but it just wasn't to be unfortunately.

It will be a fantastic experience for all the players that were there and to beat the likes of Germany and Switzerland to get to the last four says a lot about them.

From Celtic's point of view, they had seven young players there in the squad and that is good to see.

A lot of time and money is put into youth development at Lennoxtown and it is encouraging to see so many players doing well and representing their country.

Chris McCart and his coaches do a fine job and the boys getting capped is recognition for that.

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