THE belated introduction of the end-of-season play-offs for the top flight has been fantastic for Scottish football.

They have ensured that supporters remain interested in the bottom half of the SPFL Premiership until the final day of the campaign.

The Hibs v Kilmarnock match at Easter Road earlier this month would usually have been played out in front of 6,000 or so fans with both teams already confirmed as safe in the division.

But because there was so much at stake for the teams over 15,000 turned up.

Yes, the race for the Scottish title was a non-event. But apart from that the top flight was exciting.

The contest for second place between Aberdeen and Motherwell went down to the final day with Stuart McCall's side just winning it.

And the battle to avoid going down into the Championship is enthralling.

Hibs are favourites to stay up after beating Hamilton 2-0 in the first leg at New Douglas Park this week.

But Hamilton were unlucky and should not be written off.

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