THE Lions will return to Lisbon this week for the Champions League Final and I have to say well done to Celtic for taking those great players out to Portugal for the game between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

I have spoken to some of the guys and they are all really looking forward to it.

There will be a lot of nostalgia about it for them as they go back to Lisbon, but they are going to see a great game and be involved in a great occasion.

You have got to give Celtic credit for coming up with the idea and arranging it so that all the guys can get to the game.

It is the first time the final has been back in Lisbon since the Lions beat Inter Milan in 1967 and, while it is being played at a different stadium, the city holds so many happy memories for the players and the club.

Lisbon will always be etched in Celtic's history, especially for the guys that played that day and the memories will come flooding back over the next few days.

All of them have been back to Lisbon since '67, but to return for such a prestigious occasion as the Champions League Final is special. I hope they enjoy it.

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