WHEN a company is listed on the stock exchange it is subject to all sorts of rules and regulations.

Directors and officials are not allowed to make statements willy nilly.

But Rangers have come out in the last week and stated that Ibrox is sacrosanct.

And they have also declared unequivocally that they will not sell and leaseback or grant security over the stadium for the next 12 months.

Many supporters are upset that the club has not, as was apparently mooted at a meeting with the Union of Fans at Ibrox last week, given them legally binding undertakings over the ground.

But I have spoken to a few business people who I know in Glasgow about this.

And apparently if the club now go back on their commitment over the stadium, no matter what the circumstances, then they are in serious trouble under company law.

However, nothing has been said about Murray Park and that remains a deep worry to many supporters.

Something happening to this vital facility would upset many people. But perhaps this is where Dave King could come in.

I think a great amount of Rangers fans would like Dave to come on board.

The South Africa-based businessman has had a great deal to say about what has gone on at the club this season.

And he has set up Ibrox 1972 Ltd and along with the Union of Fans has urged supporters to pledge their season ticket money to it.

They have been keen to safeguard the future of both Ibrox and Murray Park and, as I have said, I can understand why.

Dave has said that he thinks the club needs an investment of between £30million and £50m.

But he wants his money to go towards helping to return his boyhood heroes to the forefront of Scottish football.

He does not want to buy out existing shareholders because they and not the club would benefit from his investment.

So why does he not buy Murray Park? By doing so, he can ensure the facility will remain part of the club forever.

His outlay will definitely go towards Rangers. He could stipulate that the cash he uses to buy Murray Park must be used to improve the team.

It would be a positive move that would help the club on many different levels.

He could even gift Murray Park to the fans. Then everybody would know for sure that it is going to be safe.

I have said it on umpteen occasions now. I would like to see Dave King involved in the club in some shape or form.He has said on numerous occasions that he wants to get involved.

But nobody is very sure how he plans to do so. Would this not be a good way for him to come on board?

Ally McCoist is screaming out for better players. And he needs them for next season in order to complete the final push for a return into the top flight.

He has to get moving soon. If he wants to get better players in he is going to have to jump in now.

A lot of the free agents who are available will get snapped up very quickly. They will get fed up waiting and will join another club.

I am down in Yorkshire on holiday just now and I have been getting stopped by Scots constantly asking me what is happening.

All they can see is the Union of Fans slaughtering the board one minute and the board hitting back at the Union of Fans the next.

It is tit for tat and like every supporter I would like to see it stop,

The present chief executive Graham Wallace is currently trying to sort out the mess that his predecessors have left for him.

The individuals who were running the club before him carved it up for themselves.

I would like to see the situation stabilise so that progress can be made ahead of what is a massive season.

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