I HAVE really enjoyed the 50 Most Memorable Matches series that has been running in SportTimes this week.

After the success of the 50 top players series last summer, it has been really good to look through some of the finest games that Celtic have played in their proud history.

I am sure fans have enjoyed it and no doubt there has been plenty of debate over the fixtures and their places in the list so far.

It has been a really interesting read and I am looking forward to next week as the countdown continues.

I'm sure there may be one or two surprises in there.

It is great for Celtic fans to be able to rekindle some of these great memories and look back at the most famous days and nights in the club's long and illustrious history.

I am lucky enough to have been involved in some of the games that are featured and it really does take you back when you think about the players you worked with, the importance of these results and the atmosphere created by the Celtic fans as well.

A lot of these games were played in front of massive crowds and it is nice for fans young and old to see the pictures of these great occasions and fixtures.

They are games every Celtic fan can be proud of and it is pleasing to see them being remembered in this way.

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