IKNOW a lot of Rangers fans are not thrilled by the signing of Kenny Miller this week ...

but I am pleased to see him back at the club again.

I think it is a great move by Ally McCoist. You only have to look back a few months to the superb goal he scored for Scotland at Wembley to see that he has what it takes to play at a high level.

He has still got it and, fitness wise, he is saying he is as sharp as ever. Kenny is 34 now, but he still looks in good shape and he has always been a fit lad.

I have no doubt that Rangers have got a good deal here by bringing him back for his third spell at Ibrox.

Ally will need good players if Rangers are to win the Championship next season and players that know what it takes to win big games and titles.

You can't afford to throw in too many rookies or players who don't know what it takes to play for Rangers. It takes them too long to settle in and that is time we won't have next season.

Kenny has been there, seen it and done it, and you know what you will get from him week in week out. His experience will be invaluable in the Championship, and hopefully in the Premiership the season after next.

We are in a hard league with a lot of good sides next year so we need all the good players and experienced players we can get during the summer.

There will be youth in the side, with the likes of Lewis Macleod and Fraser Aird featuring once again, because they have proven that they can play at first-team level.

The kids, if they are good enough, will play, but you need good pros like Kenny and I am sure he will do an excellent job for us after signing this week.

He has spoken about the possibility of Kris Boyd coming back and joining him and, if a deal could be done, that would be another really impressive bit of business.

Kris has proven that he can score goals in the Premiership and there is no doubt he would be a great signing.

The only worry for Ally could be the money that Kris will be looking for if he decides to leave Kilmarnock.

I know Kenny has come back and he is not on a lot of money as he just wants to finish his career at the club he loves. If Boydy wants to do the same and a deal can be done, great.

Aberdeen and Dundee United are interested in him as well but you are pulling at the heart-strings when you talk about Rangers and these players.

Both of them will be disappointed to see what has happened to Rangers since they left the club and it would be great if they could play a part in getting us back to the top flight again.

You have to have at least four good strikers in your side, and getting Miller and Boyd in would be two great deals for Ally this summer.

Kenny is the first player to come in, but he won't be the last, with a centre-back a must.

We have been linked with the likes of Gavin Gunning, Shaun Hutchison and Darren McGregor, and it is clear that the manager is in the market for a good defender.

It is going to be difficult for him to bring people in because of the situation at the club and because we don't know how much money he has to play with and what he can offer.

The balls are up in the air as far as he is concerned just now, but he will be working hard to get more players in and strengthen his squad further .

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