I have really enjoyed the 50 Greatest Games series that has been running in SportTimes over the last fortnight.

It has been an excellent read and really interesting to look back through the years and remember some of the iconic days in Rangers' history.

I am sure there has been plenty of debate amongst fans over the games that made the final shortlist, the ones that just missed out, and the placings of the matches.

But I don't think there can be any doubt over the game that claimed top spot in yesterday's paper.

The first and second places both came from 1972 - and they were both games I am privileged to have played in.

The Cup-Winners' Cup semi-final win over Bayern Munich at Ibrox was undoubtedly one of the finest results in the club's illustrious history.

So many members of that team, which we beat 2-0 thanks to goals from Sandy Jardine and Derek Parlane, went on to win the European Cup, the European Championships and the World Cup in the years after we faced them.

It was a terrific side and a really magnificent result for us, but I think the final win over Moscow Dynamo has to get the top spot in the list.

I cannot disagree with the order of the top two. My personal third choice, which was actually No.10 in the countdown, would have been the 1970 League Cup final win over Celtic which I scored in.

The Bayern victory was a sensational result, but to actually win the competition really does top it all off.

We had to beat Moscow to win the cup - and we did - and what a wonderful achievement it was for the club and for us as a group of players.

I think having that night in Barcelona as No.1 is spot on and the right decision has been made.

It has been a great series and one, I am sure, Rangers fans have thoroughly enjoyed.

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