YOU have to feel sorry for Arnold Peralta after he was ruled out of the Honduras squad for the World Cup with injury this week.

He picked up a knock in Rangers' game with Dunfermline on the last day of the season and it remains to be seen if he will come back to Ibrox next term.

He has said previously that he could look to leave the club and he would have been hoping to impress in Brazil to maybe win a move.

That won't happen now after he was replaced in the squad earlier this week.

He didn't have the best of seasons at Rangers and if he does decide he wants to leave then I think Ally will be sympathetic to that and see what can be done.

If someone comes in for him, I doubt Rangers will be too hard to deal with.

He didn't set the heather on fire in League One, although he did have a couple of good games.

He is a very enthusiastic player who gets about the park but he didn't look great.

It is a shame he will miss out on the World Cup and we will see what now happens later in the summer.

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