RANGERS have enjoyed many famous nights in their long and illustrious history, but few match May 24, 1972.

It was the night Colin Stein scored one, Willie Johnston two, and the Barca Bears wrote their name in Ibrox folklore.

It is the game we put at No.1 in our SportTimes 50 Greatest Matches series as we looked through the record books and recalled the most memorable days and nights.

From record-breaking European triumphs to domestic Trebles and last-day title parties, we have covered them all and paid tribute to the men that turned dreams into reality for themselves and the Light Blue legions.

We have had our say on the Greatest Matches in Rangers' history, now it is your turn as you give us your thoughts on the club's finest hours.

THANK you to the Evening Times and Matthew and Chris for their efforts on the 50 Greatest Rangers Matches series. As a fan for over 60 years, I have been at many of the matches that were in the list and it has brought back some great memories for me. I enjoyed the Greatest Players compilation last summer and this one has been even better.

Bill, Glasgow

I CAN see why Barca '72 has been given the No.1 spot in your list but I would have gone with the Bayern Munich game. To beat a team of that quality 2-0 was a tremendous achievement and when you look at what those players achieved in later years, it becomes even more impressive. It is a difficult call to make but the Munich result stands out for me.

Scott, Hamilton

VERY good reading overall and a fine top five Rangers matches. Due to my youth, Fiorentina my number one!

Ewan, via Twitter

I CAN'T argue with any of the games that made the top five in your countdown. As a younger fan, the games against Dunfermline and Fiorentina stand out for me. They were two very different performances but incredible games for Rangers and they will live long in the memory. The penalties from Novo and Arteta were incredible drama.

Alan, Glasgow

WAS good fun. Bit young to appreciate a few of the list and would have had the 2002 Scottish Cup final a fair bit higher. To be honest, I'd probably put together a different list each time. Nostalgia, experience and science not a great mix!

Frankie, via Twitter

I AM pleased to see the PSV win from 1978 feature in the top half of your list. It is a result not many younger fans will know about but, at the time, it was an incredible win for us.

Ian, Cumbernauld

I DON'T think there will be too many issues with the top five. I'd imagine the top four would be almost unanimous. Always felt too much was made of that Inter Milan game. It took too long for us to get through the group stages. I can see why it's included but I'd personally have had it a bit lower down.

Stevie, via Twitter

THAT game against Borussia I will never forget...your last sentence about the rain...it never stopped. My mate and I went home squelching, you would have thought we had fallen in a river, but the scoreline helped to keep us happy...

Thomas, Toronto

I WOULD have had the nine-in-a-row-winning game higher up. It was the culmination of so much effort and the emotion and celebrations at the end showed how much it meant to us.

Stephen, Paisley

WHAT a trip down memory lane the last fortnight has been. Thank you to the Evening Times. This list has shown what a great history our club has and I am lucky enough to have seen some of these terrific games, and wonderful players, in person. Top job guys.

Ian, Motherwell

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