IT was the night the Lions roared and Jock Stein became 'immortal'.

Only one game could ever top SportTimes' list of the 50 Greatest Celtic Matches and that history-making night in Lisbon deservedly claims top spot.

But, what about the others? Over the last two weeks we have trawled through the record books and brought you the most memorable days and nights in Celtic's history and the matches that make them stand out as one of the game's finest and most successful clubs.

We have recalled Old Firm triumphs, Battle of Britain clashes, meetings with European's football's elite and the games that saw the Hoops dominate domestically under Stein.

Narrowing it down to a top 50 has not been easy but, now that we have had our say, here are your thoughts on the games and names that made the final cut.

I HAVE to say thanks to the SportTimes team for their efforts over the last two weeks. I am sure this kind of thing takes a lot of work but the end result has been terrific. Lisbon, of course, deserves to be No.1 but it has been great to recall the other games in the list, and look at some of the great pictures, during the fortnight. It has been really good stuff guys.

Thomas, Glasgow

I was at the Falkirk game at Brockville in '74 and what a day it was. We all knew how important getting nine-in-a-row was and the feeling when Kenny Dalglish scored was incredible. After Lisbon, it was Big Jock's finest hour.

Paul, Coatbridge

I GREW up learning all about Lisbon and that wonderful team from my father. He was so proud to be a Celtic fan and to say we were the first to do it. I can't argue with that game taking first place in your list and I think the rest of the top five are spot on as well. Thanks to Ronnie, and Matthew.

Steve, Stirling

THE Demolition Derby in 2000 was my first-ever Old Firm game and what a day it was. It got off to the perfect start when Sutton scored inside a minute and Larsson's chip is one of my all-time favourite Celtic goals.

Ian, Lanark

THE Cologne game sticks in my mind because Celtic were quite a poor side then, with mediocre players all over the park, especially in defence and up front. But in Paul McStay and John Collins we still had the two best midfield players in Scotland and the pair of them really turned it on that night.

Charlie, Lincoln

IT may seem strange to have a defeat high up in a list but I would have Seville in my top 10 greatest games. The night didn't end how we wanted but it was an incredible occasion as thousands of Celts gathered, partied and supported their team. It was also a terrific performance from Martin O'Neil's side that deserved more on the night.

Phil, London

I REMEMBER the Partizan Belgrade game so well. It's late in the game and we are going through to the next round when Derek Whyte decides to walk the ball out of defence and loses it. All he had to do was play it into a safe area of the park and we were through.

Sam, via e-mail

EXCELLENT stuff from the Evening Times over the last two weeks. It has been terrific reading. When you look back at some of the legendary teams we have had and famous games we have played in you realise what a great club Celtic is.

James, Glasgow

I'VE enjoyed this series even as a Partick Thistle fan as it has brought back loads of memories about games from my youth. I'd love it if you could run a similar series for other teams in the Glasgow area like the Jags, Queen's Park and Clyde - even Third Lanark - and also one for Scotland games in the future, because that would be fascinating.

Neil, Anniesland

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