I AM pleased Kyle Hutton has been awarded a new one-year contract by Rangers.

He was out with a broken leg for much of last season so deserves a chance to show what he is capable of.

When he is playing well he can look the part in the holding role in front of the defence. But he is going to have to prove himself in the 2014/15 campaign.

If he fails to do so, then I imagine he will be looking for another club next summer.

At 23, he is not a young lad any more. He has to establish himself in the coming months and play in a lot of matches.

He is going to have to fight for a regular game ahead of the likes of Ian Black and Nicky Law. He will have to prove to Ally McCoist that he is good enough to stay at Rangers in the long term.

I hope he does. On his day, he is a good passer and has a bit of dig to his game.

You need a player with that willingness to put himself about in order to get out of the lower leagues in Scotland.

Kyle knows how important the club is to the supporters and how crucial success is.

It is not essential to being a successful Rangers player. But it is good to have someone like that involved given the situation the club is in.

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