I HAD to look at the calendar to check it was not April 1 when I heard that Charles Green was planning a new takeover bid.

The money that man took out of the Ibrox club for little more than 10 months work was an absolute disgrace.

What is more, the Gers squandered £67million while he was in charge as chief executive.

So when I saw he had been speaking to potential investors about making a return to the club, I immediately thought: "No chance!"

Some people have suggested this possibility has been floated in a deliberate attempt to drive up the share price.

There is set to be another share offering before August in an attempt to raise £8m of additional funding.

If it seemed there were a few interested parties, then it would drive up the value of the shares.

But Charles Green does not do anything for the benefit of a football club. He does things for Charles Green.

He awarded himself a huge tranche of 1p shares when he came to Rangers and had soon sold them for many times their value, making a huge profit.

He also awarded himself a £450,000 bonus for Rangers winning the Third Division.

That he left the club to live with his horses in a chateau in France tells you how well he did out of his time in Glasgow.

I find it very, very difficult to believe he is seriously considering any kind of return to Rangers.

He would not be welcomed back by any of the supporters, given what he did to the club in his time here.

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