JOHN COLLINS was confirmed as Ronny Deila's assistant manager this week and I think it is a move that ticks all the boxes for Celtic.

John has a good knowledge of the Scottish game, he has seen a lot of this Celtic squad, he has been involved in management and coaching before and he was a fine player for Celtic, so he knows what the club is all about and what being there means.

I think it will prove to be a good appointment for Ronny and the club.

I am sure Ronny is a quick learner and he will be doing all he can to improve his knowledge of the Scottish game and the Celtic squad.

But it is important to have someone there who knows what it is all about and can help him along the way rather than bringing in one of his staff from Stromsgodset or someone else he knows in the game.

It is a bit like myself when I went to Norway in 1989 and joined Lillestrom.

I appointed a Norwegian, Jan Lund, as my assistant, and he helped improve my knowledge of the game and we worked well together, winning the league title in my first and only season there.

It is important for any manager to have someone he can trust and turn to by his side and I am sure the relationship between Ronny and John will quickly flourish in the coming weeks as they work closely together.

They have spoken enthusiastically about each other and the prospect of being at Celtic in the last couple of days, and the hard work will have begun for them as they get set to welcome the squad back for pre-season and continue their preparations for the big kick-off in the Champions League and Premiership.

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