CELTIC will head out to their pre-season training camp in Austria next week and the fortnight away will be really useful for new boss Ronny Deila and the squad.

It is important for him, and assistant John Collins, to get a closer look at the players, both on and off the pitch as they continue their preparations for the new season.

Ronny will have already had people telling him about the squad and will have watched footage of them but he will get a real idea of their ability in the next fortnight or so.

It is important that he gets to know the personalites of the players as well and they will be looking to get as fit as they can ahead of the Champions League first-leg qualifier against KR Reykjavik in Iceland on July 15.

It is only a couple of weeks until that tie, but it won't take Ronny long to assess his squad.

You get an idea pretty quickly and you get an insight into the personalites and skills of the players both individually and as a group.

RONNY has already seen them train a couple of times and he will soon build up a picture of the squad.

Being away on pre-season is a big bonus in terms of speeding up that process.

You seen them for longer and it is like living with your family, you understand them as people as well as players and your opinion of them develops a lot quicker.

As well as the manager assessing the players, the squad will be forming an opinion of him and looking to take on board what he is trying to get across to them in training.

He will be looking to impose his personality on the squad and there will be players there trying to impress him.

The friendly games that they have got coming up will be so important, not just in terms of the players gaining match fitness and sharpness, but for Ronny to see what he has to work with and what feels he has to change.

The squad will play FK Krasnodar, Rapid Vienna, LSK Linz and Dukla Prague before the first leg of the KR qualifier, with a game against Dynamo Dresden before the second leg.

Ronny will want to impose his stature on the squad and begin to get his ideas across to the players and I am sure he and John have been doing that already this week.

Ronny said at the start of the week that he didn't expect to make any signings before the KR game and I'm not surprised.

It is a game Celtic are expected to win and, no disrespect to the Icelandic side, they should be good enough to win.

Ronny will feel that there is no need to rush into it at this stage of the transfer window.

There is still plenty of time to buy players and strengthen the squad and, as I said last week, a lot of the business will come down to whether Celtic get into the Champions League group stage or not.

The fortnight in Austria will give the manager a chance to see what he has got and get ideas of what he needs and would like to bring in.

However, that won't mean any major business being completed in the immediate future.

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