THERE has been a lot of talk about the proposed appointment of Christian Nerlinger as chief football operations officer at Rangers.

Having a director of football certainly works at some big clubs in Europe and a lot of teams in England use them now as well, but I'm not convinced it is the right move for Rangers.

Is it something that is needed at the club at this time? I'm not so sure.

Right now, Rangers don't have money to go out and buy players and money is tight across other areas of the club as well - so what will Christian's remit be?

It would take a bit of pressure off the manager, but Ally McCoist and Christian, or whoever came in, would have to get on well and know exactly who was doing what and when.

You can't have a situation where Nerlinger is bringing players in that the manager doesn't want.

We'd have to know the finer details of what the position would entail. Would Ally be answerable to him?

I can see why he's a bit perturbed about it and why he wants to speak to Graham Wallace and find out exactly what Christian will be doing, if he does get the job, and what his responsibilities are.

In the future, it could well be a good thing. But whether it is needed now, I'm really not convinced.

There are a lot of questions that need to be asked and a lot that need to be answered here.

The big thing needed at Rangers just now is stability.

A clearer idea of the financial picture is also needed. Can the club really afford to be appointing someone on another big wage at this time?

If there is money being spent on the infrastructure of the club, there are areas other than a director or football where it could be used.

Ally has said for a while now that there has to be investment in the scouting department and that has to be a real priority for Rangers going forward.

They can't rely on agents sending in DVDs of players - people need to be out there, across Britain and Europe looking for players, and that will only happen with investment.

Christian has experience in off-field business from his time at Bayern Munich but that is completely different from coming in to work at Rangers with the situation they are in.

He has worked at a club with a huge infrastructure and millions of pounds to spend on first team players and up-and-coming players.

But he won't have that luxury at Ibrox, where it will be a completely different budget and he will be shopping in a different market. He will have to develop a strategy and there is a lot of hard work needing to be put in to get the club back to the level where it should be at.

Over the next few weeks I would imagine we will find out exactly what the remit is for whoever gets the job.

If the manager is happy with Christian coming in then that is all that matters.

The two of them have to have a good relationship and work well with each other but there can't be any interference in the manager's business.

Appointments like this can only be made if the manager is happy with them but I know a lot of fans are keen for this new structure to be set up.

In theory, it does sound like an interesting proposal but it could come down to money.

It does work at a lot of big clubs around the world but they can all afford to have people employed in these roles.

At Rangers just now, there are too many other questions that need answered and problems solved before they can start looking at things like this.

Everyone involved wants to see the club moving forward and, if the board feel that they can afford to bring in someone like Nerlinger, then fine.

The fans could look at the situation and say: "There is more money going out the door on someone that we don't really need".

That is something for the board to decide, and justify, if the appointment goes through.

Once Ally has spoken to the chief executive, and to Christian, then we might get a bit more clarity about the situation.

At this moment, I don't think it is the right thing to do and I can understand why people have reservations about this.

Until the club is stabilised and has enough money to build a squad that can compete in the Premiership, ideas like this are always going to be met with some scepticism.

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