I UNDERSTAND some Celtic fans - with long memories - are not too happy the club have agreed to play Rapid Vienna tomorrow.

As the manager of the side denied progress in Europe courtesy of their play-acting at Parkhead back in 1984, I should have more reason than most to hold a grudge.

Had it not been for a quarter bottle of vodka, who knows how my management career at the club might have panned out?

It wasn't a great episode in the history of the club. But, in football, as in life, you have to let things go or they will eat you up.

It's the same with Atletico Madrid, who booted their way through a European tie at Celtic Park.

It's all in the past, and that's where it should be left.

The club have met since then, in 2009, and there was no problem. I'm sure it will the same this weekend.

The quality of opposition Celtic have lined up for this pre-season is higher than usual.

They perhaps learned from last year that, with the qualifiers coming so soon, they have to be in against better teams to ensure they are ready to hit the ground running.

Normally, the results don't matter at this stage. But, when a new manager takes over, it is a bonus if you can win your friendlies as it helps him settle in quicker.

The players will all be eager to impress Ronny Deila, and he will be keen to show them that his philosophy can make them play effectively and successfully.

He gave as many players as possible 45 minutes in the opening game against Krasnodar, and the kids, in particular, will have appreciated that opportunity.

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