CALLUM McGREGOR is already showing the benefits of accepting the chance to go on loan to Notts County.

His performance and goal in the opening pre-season game against Krasnodar confirmed he has learned a lot and that his confidence has been given a lift.

I am all in favour of young players going out on loan, for a variety of reasons.

The main one is that, unlike in my day, there is no reserve league where they can test themselves against the experienced players they will meet when they get to the first team.

I was brought through playing alongside seasoned pros, including Lisbon Lions.

Often, we were playing against internationalists, especially when the Old Firm reserve teams met.

The current equivalent is the Under-20s league, and that simply doesn't offer as much in terms of player development.

Of course, Liam Henderson and Darnell Fisher have shown you can still progress from the youth ranks at the club through to the first team without the need to move out on loan.

But it was good enough for David Beckham, who was sent to Preston before he made the breakthrough at Manchester United.

So, any young player who is given the opportunity to go to another club to gain first-team experience should seriously consider it.

It can also be useful in terms of making these kids realise what they have got at Celtic, and how hard they should be fighting to make sure they make the most of their chance at the club.

If it transpires they are not going to make it at Celtic, they will have been given the chance to put themselves in the shop window.