WHILE I joined millions around the world marvelling at Germany's demolition of Brazil in their World Cup semi-final, I couldn't help but spare a thought for Gordon Strachan.

How must he have been feeling as he watched such a wonderful display of clinical football and finishing from the team Scotland play in their opening Euro 2016 qualifier in September?

By then, Germany may even be world champions, and this would be their first game in front of their fans since lifting the trophy.

But, I am sure no-one needs any reminding Scotland were in that scenario back in 1967 when, at Wembley, Denis Law, Jim Baxter and Co. inflicted the first defeat suffered by England's World Cup- winning team to become unofficial world champions.

Seriously, though, it was good Gordon was in Brazil to witness Germany moving up through the gears as the competition progressed.

Brazil showed us how not to go about playing them. If you are not organised, and do not show discipline throughout your team, Germany will pass their way through you.

The good thing about Scotland under Gordon is that they now have a structure which makes them very hard to break down.

At the same time, they carry a threat when they win possession.

And making the most of the time we have the ball will be key to this opening qualifier.

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