IT WILL be very interesting to see how attack-minded a side Ronny Deila goes with in Iceland on Tuesday.

The goalscoring form of Teemu Pukki during the pre-season games has impressed the new manager.

Anthony Stokes also got off the mark early, and Leigh Griffiths has looked eager to impress, even though he has not started up front in any of the three games to date.

Having this kind of competition for places, especially in key areas, is what any manager wants to see.

Teemu appears to have benefited most from having a full pre-season with the club, having arrived late last summer.

He will be on a real high as confidence is what he lacked most during a disappointing first season at the club.

But, Anthony has been over the course in European qualifiers before, and this experience could give him an advantage for the games against KR Reykjavik.

Leigh has been played in a few positions during the warm-up games. And, though he would prefer to be up there in the box, I don't think he is the type to sulk or throw a strop.

He will already have figured out that such a reaction would not go down well with Ronny, who puts so much store by attitude and body language.

Leigh could be an important figure in the qualifying ties.

When he was signed, a lot of people questioned whether he had the class to score goals in the Champions League.

Well, in my book, the more important question is, does he have the class to score the goals that will get the club INTO the Champions League?

Based on his strike rate wherever he has played throughout his career, I believe the answer to that is yes.

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