ALLY McCOIST today demanded an apology from those who have stuck the boot into Rangers in recent years.

Former chairman Sir David Murray was last week vindicated in his use of the controversial EBT scheme as HMRC lost their court appeal and it was ruled that no tax was due on payments made to some players during his reign at Ibrox.

The use of EBTs and Rangers' financial problems saw a number of key figures in Scottish football hit out at the club and fans have called for the biggest names in our game to be taken to task.

McCoist said: "The one person I am delighted for is Sir David Murray. The amount of mud that was thrown at him has been incredible.

"He must have been bursting at times but it has now been proven that the club under his stewardship was not guilty of anything.

"I would say there are certain people I would hope David Murray would get some answers from in high-up places. In and out of the game.

"I would be very doubtful if David Murray would even get an apology from certain people.

"But it certainly leaves, at best, a very bad taste in my mouth and with a lot of people at Rangers when you think of what has happened.

"It needn't have happened. It's horrendous.

"I will never forget some of the things which have been said and done to our club by people who should have known better."