WE haven't seen a lot of Tony Watt so far this season, but he got his first chance to impress in the friendly with Dukla Prague last Friday night.

He came on for the last few minutes of the goalless draw in Austria and he will be eager to play more in the next few games and get himself up to speed and try and get in the manager's plans.

It is not that long ago that everyone was talking about him and speaking so highly about him after his memorable goal against Barcelona in the Champions League.

But he has fallen off the radar, for whatever reason, and needs to get his career at Celtic back on track soon.

I don't know how he has been doing in training, but you would imagine he would be looking at the game in Germany this weekend as the kind of match he would want to play in to prove himself.

He hasn't had a lot of game time so far under Ronny, I don't know if he is injured.

But Tony will know that the time has come to really push for a spot in the team and look to impress the new manager.

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