BILEL MOHSNI has attracted a bit of interest from Baniyas Sports Club in the last few days and if they come back in with the right offer I think Rangers will sell him.

I know Mohsni is a favourite with the Rangers fans, but Ally has got plenty of cover at the back and I wouldn't be surprised if they allowed him to move on if the deal suited all parties.

He has done well overall, but I don't think he would be a big miss to the squad. He is fantastic with the fans. He is the last man off the park at every game, he goes and gets his picture taken with the supporters.

I can see why the fans love him, but you have to judge him on the park and he takes chances and does things that cause you problems.

Some of his performances have been decent and he scored a lot of goals last season, but he has done a few stupid things as well. He got involved in a lot of incidents with players and managers last season and got himself sent off on a couple of occasions as well.

Rangers certainly won't give him away, but if Baniyas or anyone else come in with a decent offer then he will probably be allowed to leave.

If he can go somewhere else and improve his wages then I don't see him knocking it back either, to be honest.

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