AT this time of the year, having a game is better for you than having a rest.

So I think Celtic have made the right choice going to Germany for the friendly with Dynamo Dresden this weekend.

Ronny and the squad have clocked up a few airmiles already this summer and will do a lot of travelling in the next couple of weeks as they play friendly fixtures and, hopefully, another few rounds of Champions League qualifiers.

It would maybe have been more of an issue if they were away from home against KR Reyjkavik next week, but they are, of course, at Murrayfield.

I would imagine Ronny will mix up the team a bit and look to give some players who haven't played a lot some more time on the park.

You might find he goes with two different teams in either half but he will want to keep his bigger players sharp.

Even after having played a few games, you can still make improvements in terms of your fitness and match sharpness and it is about getting the first choice players to their maximum so that they can peak at the right time.

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