BILEL MOHSNI is hungry for the season to get underway - the minute Ramadan ends.

Strict Muslim Mohsni has been abstaining from food during daylight hours as he observes the religious month.

Each year the dates of Ramadan change due to the fact there are 354 days in that calendar rather than the standard 365.

At present, it's in the summer months when the days are longest that the observance falls and that is adding to the challenges Mohsni faces.

And the Tunisian admits it presents a unique challenge for Muslim sportsmen who need their fitness to be at optimum levels.

The Ibrox midfielder said: "In July you have the longest days of the year so I have to fast for a long time every day.

"In Scotland that can be from 4am to 10pm and it is very hard because I can't eat or drink anything during daylight hours.

"With the high standards of training we go through, this is a time when you have to give everything so it is very difficult."

Ramadan ends this weekend and when the fast is over, Mohsni will be confident of getting back to normal and full strength quickly.

Mohsni, who sat out yesterday's 2-1 win at Victoria Highlanders, told the official Rangers website: "After Ramadan ends, I only need a couple of days to get back to normal. My body is used to that.

"I am hopeful I will be fine for the start of the season because I need to be in good conditon."