NOBODY complained when Rangers signed Nicky Clark last summer.

He had scored over 40 goals the season before and helped Queen of the South land both the Challenge Cup and the Second Division title.

But scoring goals for Queens is a different proposition entirely to scoring goals for Rangers.

I am sure Nicky will have learned an awful lot about the demands of being a Rangers player in his debut season.

But he will have to step up a level given that Kris Boyd and Kenny Miller have both been brought in.

I am sure their arrivals will help to spur him on and he will benefit from training and playing alongside such experienced strikers, but this is a big season for Nicky.

He scored the winner in the 2-1 victory over Victoria Highlanders on the pre-season tour of Canada and the United States. He is going to have to do the same thing whenever Ally McCoist gives him the nod to play.

At 23, he is not a kid any more. A lot of people will be expecting a lot more from him than he produced at times when Rangers were in League One.

I don't expect he will start every week if Boyd and Miller are fit. So when he does get his chance he is going to have to grasp it and prove his worth.

He will have to run his socks off, create chances for himself and take opportunities when they fall his way if he is to take his Rangers career to a new level.

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