A HUGE crowd is expected at Pride Park tomorrow for the Derby County game against Rangers and the majority of the fans will be supporting the visitors.

I am sure there will be a fair few folk without tickets who turn up so, in total, there will maybe be over 10,000 Gers supporters in the Derby area.

That is the kind of support the Ibrox club has. Everybody there will be looking forward to seeing how the new team is shaping up ahead of the new season. I think the fans will be keen to see the new players, Kris Boyd, Darren McGregor, Kenny Miller and Marius Zaliukas, if he is fit, in action.

They will also want to see how the team lines up and performs ahead of the first competitive match of the season against Hibs in the Petrofac Training Cup at Ibrox on Tuesday night.

I think Ally McCoist will go with a different Rangers side this season and will play a 4-4-2 formation with Boyd and Miller playing up front.

Of course, pre-season results are not everything. Celtic did well in many of their friendly matches in the summer and look how they performed in their European qualifier in midweek.

But a positive display in Derby would give Rangers a lift heading into the serious business of the competitive season.

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