ALLY McCOIST spoke this week to the Rangers chief executive Graham Wallace to see if any money is available for him to strengthen his squad.

But whether there is any cash left in the budget or not I think there will be arrivals and departures at Ibrox before the close of the transfer window at the end of this month.

I certainly think that if bids come in for Bilel Mohsni and Arnold Peralta in the weeks ahead then Rangers will not be too difficult to deal with.

We can look in at the club from the outside and say right now: "That squad is strong enough to win the SPFL Championship. It is the second strongest in Scottish football. They should walk it."

But Ally knows his squad better than anybody. He also knows the incredible demands that both he and his players are under to win and, what is more, to win well.

Rangers did fantastically to win the league title in both of the last two seasons. But the performances against small clubs often left a great deal to be desired during that run.

Ally has taken his team to places they have never been before and they have played teams they have never played before. At times, that has not been easy.

After two testing seasons, however, the manager knows where the weaknesses in his squad are. He knows where he has to strengthen.

And he is aware that if offers are made for Mohsni or Peralta and they move on then it could free up money for him to sign the players he wants and may need to beat Hibs and Hearts to the title this season and return to the Premiership.

I would reckon that big Bilel is by now as low as fourth or fifth in the pecking order for a starting spot in the Rangers central defence behind Lee McCulloch, Darren McGregor, Marius Zaliukas and possibly even Luca Gasparotto.

Honduran Peralta, meanwhile, was clearly not happy last season. The midfielder had moved to Scotland from the other side of the world but was not getting a regular game.

To make things worse for him, he picked up an injury and missed the chance to go to the World Cup in Brazil.

If Arnold moves on it will give Ally the chance to bring in a ball player or a ball winner in the centre of the park. He will want to sign a player with real leadership qualities.

Like all managers, McCoist will want to spend every penny that is made available to him.

The squad is stronger now than it has been in the last two years due to the experienced players who have been brought in during the summer - Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller, McGregor and Zaliukas.

So I'd not be surprised if we see a few younger lads go out on loan after a few games are played and it becomes obvious they are not going to feature.

ROBBIE Crawford is one of those who could be loaned out to gain experience, even if it was to another Championship club.

Rangers have done this sort of thing in the past with great success. If a lad wants to play then good luck to him.

You work hard all week to play 90 minutes on a Saturday. If that chance is being denied to you then why not go somewhere else and get a game?

I am sure that Fraser Aird, Calum Gallagher and Lewis Macleod will feature regularly in the months ahead. Beyond that trio, though, the other kids will struggle to get a first-team game at Rangers.

Barrie McKay looks to have improved enormously after his season at Morton. He showed up very well in pre-season and is another kid who could get some game time.

Of course, some players might not want to go on loan even if they aren't featuring.

The facilities at other clubs will not match up to what they have at Rangers and it may not appeal to them. I have to say I can't understand anyone who would prefer to stay at a club and sit on the bench when they have a chance to move on elsewhere and play regularly.

A lot of things can happen over a season so I expect more players to arrive and some to leave before the window closes at the end of August.

This is a massive season for Rangers. The Championship will be the most competitive league in Scotland.

The Ibrox club will have to play consistently well to win it … and they'll need as strong a squad as possible.

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