THERE has been plenty of speculation surrounding the futures of defensive giants Fraser Forster and Virgil van Dijk in recent weeks and that will only increase if Celtic go out of the Champions League.

I don't think either of them will leave before next week's second leg of the tie against Legia Warsaw but, if Celtic don't make it through to the next qualifying round or the group stages, it would make it very difficult to hold on to the pair. Especially Forster.

Southampton have been linked with both players and, while Celtic won't let them go on the cheap, you might find the players will think that now is the time to move on.

In the immediate future I think there is more chance of Forster moving than Van Dijk.

I said before the game in Warsaw that I thought the big English keeper would be looking to move on this year.

Having no Champions League football will make it harder for Celtic to keep him.

I think Forster would, in all likelihood, have left regardless of the Legia result. But the defeat in Warsaw, that leaves the club with a mountain to climb at Murrayfield, may well speed up that process.

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