THERE is no doubt that Hampden Park has looked really impressive as an athletics venue during the Commonwealth Games over the last few days.

That has got a lot of people talking about the long-term future of the stadium and whether the home of Scottish football should be kept in its new state after the Games are finished this weekend.

It is probably not such a bad idea and it has gathered a bit of momentum. There might well be a case for having Hampden as our national athletics venue.

Never mind the history of the stadium, we have to think about the future. But, of course, it would have an effect on our football.

If Hampden kept its athletics track we could use Murrayfield for cup finals and Celtic Park and Ibrox for international fixtures.

That ticks the boxes for me . . . but I don't think it'll happen. The SFA want to stay at Hampden.

I played at the famous old stadium on numerous occasions and enjoyed some terrific days there for Celtic and Scotland.

I heard the roar of crowds well in excess of 100,000 and that it is something I will always remember but those days are behind us.

The SFA won't be keen to move away from their Hampden home but the fact that people are talking about it is interesting. It is certainly worth considering.

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