LIKE so many Rangers fans, I have no understanding of big business or what happens on the financial side of football clubs.

But I can understand why the Ibrox club are going to try and have another share offer later this year and look to raise £4million.

It makes sense. If you have only got around 20,000 season ticket holders, when you have had 34,000 before, then you need to bring in new revenue from somewhere.

If there is going to be a shortfall this season, if fans are not going to renew their season books, if the club is going to starved of cash, then what else can you do?

Despite the reduction in the number of fans buying season tickets, there are still going to be a lot of supporters buying tickets on a game-by-game basis.

The SPFL Championship opener with Hearts at Ibrox on Sunday, for example, is a sell-out. So Rangers are not going to get as many people buying season tickets. But they will still get crowds of 40,000 and more at their home games.

People buying tickets on the day will generate income. The figure of £4m has raised eyebrows, but perhaps it is what they need to sustain them.

But you do have to ask this question. Who is actually going to invest in Rangers in the state that they are in?

I have said it many times in the last few weeks and I will say it again. Where is Dave King?

If anybody is going to step in and invest money in Rangers then it is him. I hope we see him return to the fray again sooner rather than later.

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