I BELIEVE that Rangers received a £300,000 bid for Bilel Mohsni during the summer that they turned down ...

but that doesn't mean he's odds on to stay in Glasgow.

If a club was to offer more for the centre-half before the transfer window closes at the end of this month I think they will take it.

Ally McCoist has brought in two centre-backs in the summer - Darren McGregor and Marius Zaliukas - and is flush with players in that position.

He is still wanting to bring in new faces, with a midfielder a priority, but to do that he will have to offload somebody.

Mohsni has shown he can be trouble and Ally can ill-afford to have an individual like that in his squad this season of all seasons.

Having a defender who spends a quarter of the season in the stands is no use to him as he bids to secure a place back in the top flight.

To be fair to Mohsni, who arrived from Southend last summer with a bit of a reputation for being a hothead, his conduct in the first half of last season was fine.

It was only midway through the campaign that problems started to surface. He was sent off twice in the space of a few weeks.

The defender's latest indiscretion last weekend was the third time he had been red- carded in the space of seven months. The boy gave the referee no option but to give him his marching orders when he launched a diving head-butt at Derby County's Scottish striker Chris Martin.

He knows what he has done is wrong and is contrite about his foolish actions. He has apologised to his team-mates. But we have heard this all before and nothing has changed.

If a club came in with more money than has previously been offered then I think Rangers would consider it. The guy is a liability at times.

Before a ball had been kicked in the 2014/15 campaign he was banned for two games.

And as for Arnold Peralta! He only returned to Ibrox after his summer break on Tuesday night having apparently been stranded in Paris trying to arrange a visa for him and his girlfriend.

Sorry, but the boy is just not good enough. He had one game, the Scottish Cup semi-final against Dundee United, where he showed what he can do.

It has just not worked out for him in this country and I would not be surprised if Ally lets him leave to free up wages to help bring in another player.

The suspension of Mohsni saw Ally field three central defenders in a 3-5-2 formation in the Petrofac Training Cup win against Hibs at Ibrox on Tuesday night. I can't believe the stick that the manager and his team have been receiving from fans for their performance. I would urge them to read what Louis van Gaal, the new Manchester United manager, had to say just a few days ago.

The Dutchman has taken over at a massive club and is wanting them to play a certain way, but his players, some of whom are absolute superstars, have struggled to get to grips with it.

It takes time for a team, even a top one like Manchester United, to get used to a new formation and a new style of play.

Ally clearly wants his side to play with a bit more flair and be more dynamic, so he has played three at the back, five in midfield and two up front.

I thought it worked well for the first 25 minutes or so in midweek. They got down the wings, got crosses into the box and took the lead through Lewis Macleod. It was only at the start of the second half Hibs took control of the game and dominated for a lengthy spell.

But it will take time for centre-backs who have been used to playing in a back four with wing-backs on either side of them to become comfortable playing in a back three. The manager, though, is trying to be positive. He is also trying to accommodate all of his best players.

It may take Rangers half a dozen games or so to perfect it. But they should persevere with it, despite the fan flak, because it could be an exciting system to play. Nobody is denying that Rangers can play better, far better, than they did against a Hibs side who will probably not perform better all season. But they did what they had to do, and that is win the game.

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