I think it is safe to say we can firmly dismiss the latest soundbites that came from Charles Green last week.

There is no substance to his claims that he could return to the club, it is nonsense.

The story came out, everyone jumped on the top of it and we have never heard anything else about it. It was a one-day wonder.

I had to look at the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1.

It wasn't the right time for him to do it, coming out just before the Hearts game and Ally McCoist questioned the timing of Charles' latest intervention in matters at Ibrox.

But it shouldn't affect the players. They are going out there fighting for themselves and the club and have enough to focus on without worrying about things that they can't control.

As long as their wages are getting paid, they have to get their heads down and get on with it.

We can do without this nonsense from Green, though.

I thought we had heard the last from him and I hope we have. The whole story was ludicrous.

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