THERE was a lot of speculation flying around this week regarding Lee Wallace's future at Rangers...and that will be a concern for supporters.

I don't think we will see him leave, though. I think Lee is happy where he is.

The Scotland star has said he doesn't want to go anywhere and Rangers have previously turned down bids for him.

So I don't think the club will want to sell Lee.

The fans would certainly not be pleased and the last thing the board can afford to do is to further upset the supporters.

If it was down solely to Ally McCoist, there is no way he would sell him. He wants to keep his best players for this hugely important season. So if anyone was to try to sell him it would be the directors.

However, they are under a lot of pressure from the supporters. I don't think it would be very smart of them to sell one of our best players right now.

Lee will want to see his contract out. He has always said he wants to help get the club back into the Prem- iership.

There have been teams in for Lee before and the club has not accepted the bids and the same has to happen this summer if any sides show an interest in him.

He was bought from Hearts for £1.5million yet there has been talk of one team bidding a few hundred thousand pounds for him. Are they having a laugh?

Lee's become a better player since he came to Rangers and he has been capped for Scotland while playing in the lower leagues.

There is no chance he will be sold. And certainly not for a price like that.

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