FERGUS McCANN will get the warm welcome he deserves when he returns to Celtic Park to unfurl the league championship flag tomorrow.

It will be another poignant reminder of how things have changed for the better since the last time he performed this important function against a backdrop of huge unrest at the club.

The intervening years have allowed everyone to reflect on what an important figure Fergus has been in Celtic's history.

Okay, some of his methods rubbed people up the wrong way. But when you consider his legacy, the stadium we see today and the secure financial footing upon which the club stands, everyone connected with Celtic should doff their cap to him, metaphorically speaking.

You don't have to look far across the city to see what happens if you don't behave prudently.

The ceremony out the way, it's important Dundee United are not allowed to spoil what is a homecoming party for the team decanted to Murrayfield due to the Commonwealth Games.

It's also Ronny Deila's first chance to manage Celtic here.

I have said from the outset he would not truly realise what it is to be the manager of this club until he was in charge for a game at Celtic Park.

More important than any of this, his team need to get a win to set them up for Wednesday's tie against Maribor.

And their next appearance on their own pitch will be the return, which could be one of the most important - and best - nights of their season.

Everyone agreed Murrayfield was fine as temporary venue. But there's nowhere like home for the Hoops and their supporters.

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