RONNY DEILA has vowed to attack, attack, attack when he sends his Celtic side out to play.

The Hoops boss will finally get the chance to manage the team at Celtic Park when the champions face Dundee United there today.

And Deila has promised the fans they are going to see the kind of football they crave - with the emphasis very much on entertaining. The Norwegian has clearly bought into the club's ethos and promised he will never advocate caution, even against a United side which has won both its opening games.

"No, we will not be like that - we will attack," declared Deila. "I have nothing to hide. At home Celtic must go out and attack.

"When you meet the very good teams, like Barcelona, I understand you have to defend. But when we play in the league, every time we go out onto the pitch we will play to entertain, and you entertain when you try to attack."

Deila insists this is not naivety on his part, nor is it a sound-bite he believes the fans want to hear. It is his up-front game plan, and one he is sure his players will support. The key will be playing on the front foot and he explained: "You will never see my team play with no pressure at home.

"The best defence is to keep the ball. Then you don't get attacked.

"We need to be the better passers. That's the main thing. If you are good passers, then you don't lose the ball too much.

"If the other team is coming to Celtic Park to try to just ruin us, break us down, then we already win because, in the end, we're always trying to get better.

"We will develop. They will not learn anything from the game if they just go for a result.

"No teams win the league by sitting in. You can win the cup like that. You can win one game. But you don't win 38 games."

Deila acknowledges retaining the title has got to be the No.1 priority, and refutes any suggestion he is an idealist in what is anything but an ideal situation.

His reasoning is simple. "We've better players than the other teams, so we don't go to Celtic Park and just stay back.

"Then there is something wrong. Then you are afraid to lose.

"I'm not afraid to lose. I would rather lose than play bad football.

"We are talking Celtic Park now. When you are away, sometimes you have to be more cautious.

"We attack and entertain the fans, but also we have to be very good in the transition. We have to come back and get together and be compact.

"So we have to defend well, also."

But the emphasis will always be on going forward. And Deila insisted that, despite being moved wide or left on the bench, sparking rumours he could be on the way out, Leigh Griffiths is part of his plans.

Deila said: "He wants to be here and is a player we want to be here.

"Leigh's working hard every day. He's the best shooter I've ever seen, the best finisher.

"He should be a kicker in American football. Unbelievable."