THERE has been more talk in the last few days about a possible deal that would see Ibrox renamed if Mike Ashley was to increase his stake in Rangers by underwriting the £4million share issue.

It is not something that I am in favour of and I hope we never see the Ibrox name lost.As far as I am concerned, Ibrox will always be Ibrox.

There are a lot of clubs down south that play in branded stadia. Arsenal get a lot of money for having their ground called The Emirates, but that is different to what could happen at Rangers if the Ashley deal does indeed go through.

That, like the Reebok Stadium or the Walkers Stadium, was a new ground. I can understand when sponsors name stadia when they are newly built. But we are talking about an institution here and for over 100 years Rangers' home has been Ibrox.

I would hate to see that change. Newcastle fans didn't like it when Ashley renamed St James' Park and put his company logos all over the place. I will always know it as St James' Park, as will the Newcastle fans, and it should have been kept like that.

I wouldn't like to see Ibrox change, and certainly not for £4m.

The deal Ashley signed to sell Rangers shirts wasn't the greatest deal ever for the club. It was great for Charles Green and Mike Ashley, but not for Rangers. He is making money out of the club as it is. And I would hate for us to see the Ibrox name lost just for a few quid. It's not on.

Ibrox is synonymous with Rangers, and Rangers with Ibrox. I think the club would lose a bit of credibility if the stadium was renamed.

It wouldn't sound right and it is not what Rangers Football Club should be about.

If you look at some of the great Rangers men that have been in that boardroom, they were quality men and always wanted the best for their club. They would be spinning in their grave if the name of Ibrox was to be changed.

I know money talks but I hope this doesn't go through. Everyone knows it as Ibrox and it should be kept that way.

Nothing has been confirmed yet by Rangers, although there has been a lot of talk about this possible deal.

We know that Gers are looking to bring in £4m worth of investment and need all of the shares available to be bought.

Whether Ashley wants to do that himself, I don't know. We are all aware that the money will run out at some stage and more investment is needed.

I don't see there being a lot of people willing to put money into Rangers just now.

I don't know a lot about Mike Ashley, there are so many stories about what he has done at Newcastle and that, if he could, he would sell them and invest in Rangers. Nobody knows what is in his thoughts.

What we do know is that if Rangers are putting up these shares to be sold, they are needing them all to be sold.

Whether it is Mike Ashley who buys them or a number of different investors, the board need that money to come in.

We would need to know a lot more about what Ashley wants to do, if he does indeed buy more shares.

What are his plans? What does he want to achieve with Rangers? We don't know right now unfortunately.

As soon as Rangers and shares are mentioned, different names come up about who is going to buy them.

Until we hear from Mike Ashley, or the club, fans are again left in the dark.

As I have said for a while, where is Dave King? Will we see him come in and underwrite this share issue?

I would hope that, behind the scenes, Dave is making progress. We haven't heard from him for a few months. The fans are hoping that things are going ahead and he is keeping quiet for a reason.

He threw the grenade in about not buying season tickets and now, it seems, he is off the radar.

Fans are asking where he is and what he is doing. Nobody knows what is going on behind the scenes but, what we do know, is that these shares are up for grabs and someone will need to buy them to get money into the club.

On the field, Ally McCoist and his players will continue their bid for a place in the Premiership against Dumbarton tomorrow.

This is a huge season for the club on and off the field and while boardroom goings-on won't affect the players, or at least they shouldn't, they need to be in a far more stable place sooner rather than later.

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