CLYDE are not the first team to lose heavily at Ibrox but the 8-1 defeat on Monday will hurt boss Barry Ferguson.

He would have wanted his team to put on a far better showing than they did. He was unfortunate that Rangers turned in their best 90 minutes of the season so far.

But Barry can't beat himself up about it. The important game this week for him is the League Two match against Elgin tomorrow.

He wants to take Clyde into League One and that is the main aim and it is about how Barry and his players react.

Some players can go into their shell after a drubbing like that, but I would think they will realise that not many teams could have coped with Rangers on Monday.

Barry has been hit with this early in his managerial career but he can't dwell on it.

Monday is gone, it is done and dusted. It will be interesting to see how Clyde fair in the fourth tier now.

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