BACK in my day, and even before then, if you were the main striker for Rangers then you had to get 25 or 30 goals a season.

It was a must.

The problem Rangers had in the first few games was the supply into Kris Boyd and Kenny Miller.

On Monday night against Clyde, the supply was much better and Kris got his goals as a result.

It was great to see him back scoring and it was a really well-taken hat-trick.

His movement for the first two was great, as were the finishes. For the third one, he could have squared it for a tap in but thought, 'I have got two, let's get three'.

That is the way strikers think. If Ally McCoist had been in that position, he wouldn't even have thought about passing it. The ball would have been in the back of the net.

That is what good strikers do. Kris got three, he could have got six.

If you are the main forward at Rangers, you know the pressure is on you to score goals, and a lot of goals.

It was good to see Kris get off and running this season and I am sure there are plenty more to come from him.

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