AS much as losing was a disappointment to the manager and fans, the decision to make 10 changes as he rested important players ahead of tomorrow's vital game against Maribor was sensible.

However, this opportunity for some fringe men to get a rare start was not taken.

For some, it might be their last appearance as the manager will look to offload men deemed surplus to requirements before the window closes.

It was perhaps the final chance for a few to change an opinion which the manager will have been forming since he came in a couple of months ago.

Of course, he needs to have a squad, so it will not be a mass cull.

But, Deila will be concerned that some players are simply not good enough, even as back up, and that it would be best for the club and the individuals concerned if they move on.


THE main lesson Celtic's new manager was taught from losing in the Highlands came in the 24 hours after the final whistle.

He has seen enough of his squad by now - in eight first-team matches, second string fixtures and daily training sessions - to have a fairly sound grasp of all his players' strengths and weaknesses.

It can't have come as a major surprise to him that starting with five fringe players might lead to problems against the team sitting top of the SPFL Premiership.

What will be clearer to him now, though, is that Celtic supporters don't easily tolerate the club taking the foot off the gas and picking and choosing which games it tries hardest to win.

Being beaten did not go down well, and there was plenty of criticism.

Celtic will coast the league, but Deila cannot look as though he's freewheeling.

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