GORDON (7) Good stops to deny Viler and Vrsic.

Little chance to react for goal. Stopped it becoming two moments later.

AMBROSE (5) Brought in at right-back. Denied Tavares a clear shot on goal with a last-gasp block, but tendency to drift in-field left the wing exposed repeatedly. Should have buried header late on.

LUSTIG (7) Unusual role of centre-half but didn't look out of place, even if Celtic missed his presence at full-back.

VAN DIJK (6) His forays forward gave the Hoops a different dimension in attack. Looked steady at the back despite late Maribor goal. Thrown up front in desperation only to fire straight at keeper from five yards deep into time added on.

IZAGUIRRE (4) The Honduran scuttled up and down the left flank all night but was culpable in build-up to Maribor goal for not clearing the ball. Costly mistake.

KAYAL (5) An ineffectual first half for the Israeli international. Hooked at half-time for Kris Commons.

MULGREW (7) Direct and influential. Linked defence and midfield well with neat passes and quick bursts forward. Struggled to lend hand late on as midfield became congested.

JOHANSEN (7) Hustled and harried and helped fill in at central midfield when Kayal was taken off.

McGREGOR (9) The best player on the park by a country mile. Not scared to run at defenders and did so at will. Was unlucky not to score with second-half effort which crashed off the bar.

STOKES (6) Was fighting a losing battle in the first half while up front on his own, benefitted in second half with Commons just behind despite still not really threatening.

BERGET (6) Cut a frustrated and isolated figure on the left side of midfield in first half, improved partially after the break before being substituted.

COMMONS (7) On for Kayal at the break. Helped Celtic move further up the pitch by linking play and drawing fouls.

MATTHEWS (4) On for Berget with just under half an hour to go. Gave an outlet to defence while also providing cover for Ambrose.

BOERRIGTER (3) On for Lustig. Little to no impact.

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