LEGIA WARSAW chairman, Dariusz Mioduski, admits he would fear trouble if his side were drawn against Celtic in the Europa League group stage.

The Polish champions must get past Aktobe of Kazakhstan in their play-off tonight to get into tomorrow's draw.

But Legia would be in pot four and Celtic in pot two, so another meeting between the clubs is possible.

Given the acrimony over the way Legia were penalised for fielding an ineligible player as they defeated Celtic 6-1 on aggregate in the Champions League qualifying round, such a reunion would have obvious risk potential.

After Maribor knocked out Celtic on Tuesday, the official Legia account tweeted: "Football won."

Mioduski fears things could get even more heated if the clubs drop into the same group and said: "If we're good enough and get through, then a lot people think it would be great to face Celtic in the group phase.

"From purely a sports standpoint, it would be a great story.

"On the other hand, there has been a lot of bad emotion which I think is on both sides with fans.

"I would be a little bit concerned that with a match like that we could not allow these emotions to come out in a way in which both clubs would be sorry.

"From a sports standpoint I would love to have that match. But from a rational thinking [standpoint], and what would be the in the best interests of both clubs, I'm not sure that would be the best thing."

As the man who has led the fight to change the Uefa ruling which proved to be their downfall against Celtic, Mioduski revealed he has been the target of personal abuse from Celtic fans on social media.

He said: "Judging by the amount of hate I have received on Twitter - and I'm sure it wasn't so much led from the side of the Polish fans - I would think there is a risk of trouble."

Asked to elaborate on the abuse he has taken, Mioduski said: "It is just stuff that goes beyond being mad.

"It's normal. People have emotions and they express those emotions.

"I'm not surprised, I'm not offended. I don't think any less of Celtic as a club because of that.

"It's just part of life, how society works and how people think and feel.

"But, to a certain extent, those emotions would not be good if they came out in any kind of offensive way because of the match.

"So, even though I would love to have a match like that in the group stage, I would also be quite worried."