ALMOST as many fans turned up at Ibrox to watch Rangers play Dumbarton as attended all six SPFL Premiership games last Saturday.

Nevertheless, the turnout of 31,175 - just 484 under the total for top-flight matches - was still worrying in many respects.

Crowds of between 40,000 and 45,000 regularly cheered on the Gers at home as they won the Third Division and League One in the last two seasons.

So for last week's attendance to be 10,000 down in the second league game at Ibrox this term has to be a concern.

All summer we heard claims that those supporters refusing to buy season tickets would turn up on match days and pay at the gate. But judging by the number who turned up at the ground for last weekend's game, that is not going to happen.

The club and the players are going to suffer as a result. It makes a huge difference to play in front of a full house.

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