HAS David Templeton had as many as a dozen good games for Rangers in the last couple of seasons?

If he has, then he has not had many more than that.

I felt so sorry for him on in the SPFL Championship game on Saturday against Dumbarton. His head went down early on and he was unable to make any impact.

It was a far cry from the Petrofac Training Cup game against Hibs when he came off the bench and changed proceedings single-handedly.

He deserved a start in the team after that display. Since then, though, we have hardly seen him.

I was disappointed that none of his team-mates went and put an arm around his shoulder in the game against the Sons.

He needed another player to give him some encouragement, to tell him to persevere, to gee him up a bit.

But having said that, he is not a 16-year-old any more. He has to take responsibility for his own performances.

Perhaps Ally McCoist should keep him on the bench. Perhaps he is best utilised as an impact player.

He has certainly done well coming on as a substitute on many occasions in the past.

However, Rangers cannot afford to carry passengers on their journey back to the top level of Scottish football.

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