THE arrival of Wakaso Mubarak as Ronny Deila's fifth signing can, hopefully, lift some of the gloom which has hung over the club since their Champions League exit.

He certainly comes across as an interesting character, with the kind of confidence every winger needs.

Like every new arrival, though, it is the impact the Ghanaian makes on the park which will count.

Wakaso will have a lot of adjusting to do, as would any player who originates from Africa when they are confronted with our culture and climate.

The advantage he has is that, like Victor Wanyama and Efe Ambrose, Wakaso has already played elsewhere before coming here, in his case, Spain and Russia.

Victor had a spell in Belgium and Efe played in Israel, and this helped them successfully make the move to Glasgow.

There are no language barriers for Wakaso, either, so the way is open for him to hit the ground running.

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