THE question has been asked a few times this season how many Rangers players would get into the Celtic squad?

Well, how many of them would get into the Aberdeen team? Going by what we have seen over the season and again on Wednesday night, not many would.

If we had beaten Aberdeen four times and beaten Celtic four times this season, we still wouldn't have won the league. That sums up how poor Rangers have been overall and too many poor performances have resulted in too many points being dropped.

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It hasn't been good enough from the start at home to Hamilton and now we are approaching the final game against St Johnstone on Sunday.

I was at Ibrox on Wednesday night and it was easy to see that Aberdeen have been together for a few years and been getting better season on season.

They have players that are experienced in the Premiership and they are a solid unit. But they looked quicker and sharper than Rangers, and to be honest they had more ability as well.

Aberdeen came to Ibrox with a point to prove after everything that was said in the build-up and they proved it. As a manager, you don't need words, you need your players to do the talking on the pitch.

Pedro Caixinha has enough to worry about without speaking about other teams but I was surprised that Derek McInnes then responded. You then get other managers, like Neil Lennon, getting involved.

I have always said that you focus on your own team and don't worry about anyone else. If he is asked anything about another club, he should say ‘sorry, that is nothing to do with me.’

Derek answered his critics by coming to Ibrox and leading Aberdeen to their first win there in 26 years.

Read more: Dave King vows to reinvest season ticket cash into Rangers squad as Ryan Jack nears Ibrox switch

They could have been further ahead in the first half and even though Rangers came back into it and showed a bit of effort they never looked great. There was a bit of spirit but they lacked quality.

The fans want the majority of the squad out but we will have to wait and see if that is realistic or not over the course of the summer.

These players were brought in to win the Championship and did well. But that is what they are.

Most of them are Championship players and they haven’t stepped up to the mark this season playing against better players and better teams.

They knew what Rangers was all about but too many of them have come up well, well short and the fans aren’t going to accept that. The majority of them just aren’t good enough, it is as simple as that.

It was certainly a disappointing result and performance and it may well prove to be the last game that many of these players play for Rangers.

Pedro has said that he needs men in the side and I think that is right. We need players of stature and players with the physical and mental attributes you need to be at Rangers.

He needs to strengthen the spine of the side – central defence, central midfield and striker – because the team right now is nowhere near good enough.

Derek said this week that Rangers should be ‘embarrassed’ to finish third in the Premiership when you consider the financial resources that they have compared to everyone else apart from Celtic.

But having a big budget is one thing. Being able to spend it wisely and build a team is quite another.

Read more: Dave King vows to reinvest season ticket cash into Rangers squad as Ryan Jack nears Ibrox switch

Derek has assembled an experienced squad over the course of a couple of years but Rangers have been chopping and changing for the last few seasons now.

We have never had a settled side that is filled with players of the required standard so Aberdeen were ahead of us at the start of the season in that regard.

Budgets are only good if you bring in the right players. If you don’t, then they don’t mean a thing.

Finishing third won’t be accepted by Rangers this season because they would have expected to be challenging closer to Celtic and ahead of Aberdeen.

There has been no consistency throughout the campaign and that is why we find ourselves where we are in the table. The results overall haven’t been good enough and we have dropped too many points to teams that you would expect us to be beating.

Rangers don’t want to be third in the table, of course they don’t, and the manager will know that he has a huge job on his hands going into next season.

It is maybe even bigger than he thought it would be and he and the board have to work together over the summer to make the team and the squad better.

The defeat to Aberdeen won’t have changed the manager’s mind about how he sees things going forward and the players that still haven’t been told what the future holds will find out sooner rather than later.

Come Sunday afternoon, Rangers and the fans can put the season behind them. Then it is time to look forward.