Lubomir Moravcik has joked that he will take Gordon Strachan’s job if Scotland fail to land a play-off spot for Russia.

Strachan retains a degree of notoriety in Slovakia after the infamous Artmedia Bratislava result with Celtic – a scoreline recalled with impish glee by Moravcik – and the former Celtic playmaker will watch with interest what happens at Hampden over the coming week.

“I also have a European [coaching] licence if Gordon loses!” he joked. “I look good in blue – it’s a nice colour for me. Plus Hampden is a lucky ground for me so who knows?”

Meawnhile, Moravcik has also maintained that Celtic's current unbeaten domestic run has lost a degree of currency because of the weakness of Rangers.

It is an opinion unlikely to be viewed with much traction by Brendan Rodgers who lamented the fact that Celtic's success is perennially viewed through the prism of the Ibrox side's collapse.

Rodgers' side are currently on an unbeaten run of games that stretches to 58 with the possibility of a second unbeaten campaign raising its head.

“Without Rangers, it is much easier to get all these victories in the Scottish league,” said Moravcik. “It is not the same without Rangers. It was a rivalry but it is not the same. Aberdeen have tried to be close to Celtic these last two or three years but they have not been good enough.

“I don’t know why – whether it is the financial aspects or other things.

“Even Celtic had been struggling before Brendan Rodgers came in – their crowds were down. But now everything is going better because Brendan has brought some fresh energy to Celtic.

“It is similar to Martin O’Neill’s time when he brought in the new players and built a team for a long time. Rangers maybe won one or two titles during this spell, I don’t remember.

“Maybe when Rangers are back stronger like they were 10 years ago, it will be harder for Celtic. But now Celtic are dominating and they deserve to be there, because they are playing well, scoring goals, and are playing in the Champions League. And they are in a hard group with Bayern and PSG.”