RYAN JACK will serve a three-game ban after Rangers failed to have his red card against Aberdeen overturned on appeal.

There is no doubt he will be a big loss to the side and I know the decision by Willie Collum to send him off has split opinion amongst the Rangers fans.

I think Ryan is a bit unlucky in some respects because he has gone in and won the ball, as he had to do. Can you imagine the stick he would have got if he had pulled out of that challenge?

Stevie May pulled out of it a wee bit and it was more a pass than a tackle. Nowadays, though, referees are looking at the manner of the challenge and if they deem it to be aggressive then it is a red card.

Ryan went to win the ball and did so. What is he supposed to do after that? He can’t just pull his leg away and it is his momentum that takes him through May.

He isn’t looking to catch May on the ankle but it doesn’t make for good viewing, especially when you see it on slow-motion and it could have been a bad one for Stevie.

It is not a 50-50. It is more 80-20 in Ryan’s favour because May doesn’t get there quick enough and pulls out of it a wee bit.

I don’t think there was anything wrong with the challenge but, unfortunately for him, it was the follow through. For that, I think it is a red card.

I can understand why Rangers put the appeal in. If you remember last season, Scott Brown got a stone wall red card up at Ross County and he got away with it and it was rescinded.

If that can happen, then you never know. There was a slight chance that Ryan’s could have got overturned. Stranger things have happened but it wasn’t to be for Ryan.